Well we girls , we all love makeup and love to see ourselves differently in every attire.
But when we don’t  have enough time we leave our makeovers. But not to worry I’ll  be giving you some quick tricks.

1. Primer


Primer is the base of any makeup. It will make your makeup stay longer. And those chemicals won’t effect much.

2. Foundation


Well i have been using this pretty while now and it’s the best. It really settle down your skin quickly and without making your face greasy. I like to apply it with my hands only. 😜😜

3. Compact powder


Compact powder helps make your makeup stay in place. You can apply any brand compact powder as your  wish.

That’s  up for the face.;);)

Now time for eyes.👀

1. Eye liner


I simply love this gel eyeliner by maybelline.  It do not spread  under your  eyes or over your eyelid.

2. Mascara


You can choose from a wide range of mascaras.  It make your eyes looks amazing trust me.
(Optional : If you like you can even go for eye lash curler)





For lips i just use maybelline lipstick and yeah before applying that i like to use vaseline to moisture my lips.

That’s  my basic makeup. But i don’t  wear it everyday.
You are beautiful on your own and you don’t  need any makeup to make you feel beautiful.

Till then next post
Stay gorgeous ✌✌


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