Lazy exercises 👌👌

Not having time to do exercises can b a challenge  as we don’t get enough time and we are so busy with our work. Nowadays everybody wants to be fit and get in shape but with with this hectic schedule we can’t.
Here are some exercises which won’t take much time and you will stay fit.

These exercises are done on be. I know that’s kind of weird but it works on bed.

1. Scissors.


Well this exercise focus mainly on your stomach and your legs. Do at least 10 times everyday to strengthen your legs and abs muscles .

2. Side leg raise


Well, this will focus on the love handles as it will make the side muscles move. 10 times a day will work.

3. Crunches


This is basically for the upper abs which will strengthen your upper muscles.

4. Squeeze in


This is a form of yoga which helps to improve digestion and helps to reduce belly fat. Stay for at least 30 seconds each.

5. Bridge


This works for your lower back, hips and legs. Just lower your body down and bring it up.

6. Cobra pose


This focus on your stomach, arms and neck.

That’s all , repeat these 10 times and it won’t take more then 10 min to stay fit.

(Advice : Stretch your body before staring these exercises it will basically make your body relax and ready for exercises. )

Don’t forget to eat healthy food with those exercises. Drink a glass of water after exercises this will remove toxins present in your body.

Till then
Stay fit 🙋🙋

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