Having  an elegant ponytail without much of efforts is what we girls want . Those hard hairstyles makes my arms suffer through pain. 😅😅
Well, this the most simplest ponytail i do  almost every day.
This is my favourite one.


So for this.
1.You need to divide your hair – upper half and lower half.
2.Make a pony from the uper half.
(Optional : If you want you can use a bumpit for more volume on the crown section or you can even backcomb your hair)
3. Make a pony from the other half just right above the first one.
( To add even more volume into the ponytail you can more tease your hairs from the back or you can take a section of hair from the back of the ponytail and roll around your band and then secure with bobby pin.)
This will make your ponytail look longer .
(Optional : If you have a hairspray go for it ;);))

Till then
Stay gorgeous

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