We all love to do experiment with our clothes.
Most of the whirt shirt are used for formal basis.
But that’s just not the end of the shirt guys . There are plenty of ways to style them.


1. With coloured denim : This the best when you get them paired with coloured  pants. Pair it with some heels and accessories and you are ready.

2. Shorts: We all know that pairing shirt shirt with shorts are common.  Pair ot with shoes or gladiators and a layered chain neck piece.

3. Denim : Another way to pair white shirt and making it informal.  Pair with silletoes or flats a sling bag and yeah some accessories.  😇😇

4. High pants : When paired with a high pants ot really gives a different and yet stylish look on you. 😄

5. Over a dress:


This amazing piece is set for any casual  Saturday or day out. Pair ot with flats aome earing and you are done. 😉

What so ever style you put on you will always be beautiful from inside as well.

Stay gorgeous  😙😙😙

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